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My trip to Greece

In October-November 2010 I undertook a two-week historical quest of Greece.  This was by far my best trip and it exceeded all my expectations.  Greece is vacation destination extraordinaire.  It has history, sightseeing, culture, shopping, breath taking natural beauty and the most wonderful people you could meet.

I have penned down a travelogue on these two-week of solo travel.  The travelogue would make an interesting read for those who wish to get a crash course in Greek history in the most engaging way with quirks of fellow travelers, Greek island tour, Athens guided tours by Greek Archeologists as well as snippets from Hollywood and the Olympics all coming together to bring alive ancient Greece.

There is  talk of history and it is linked to how history is juxtaposed with Globalization.

My travelogue has been published as an e-book and if youre in US you can buy it here:


You can also buy it from Amazon UK and Amazon Europe.

Peace be upon you!


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