Welcome to my humble abode.  I am a traveler in this world whose intrigued by the past because of its deep connection with the present.   I am sharing my views on the past through this blog hence.

History is boring or exciting depending upon how you view it.  A Hollywood movie can make ancient history come alive in the most memorable way.  Just think about some famous movies such as “The Mummy”, “Troy”, “Kingdom of heaven”, ‘Cleopetra”, “Spartacus”, “Gone with the wind”, “the Ten Commandments” and “Ben-Hur”.   Were they not blockbusters which dealt with the past and educated us on so many levels without us even needing to be taught?

Mueseums today are interactive and hence quite engaging.  If you look up BBC’s website you would see ancient history come alive. 


This is a great site to get familiarized with the major civilizational groups in ancient history.  If you believe in the thesis of Samuel Huntington about the clash of civilizations you would notice that his classification for civilizations are the same as the BBC grouping for ancient history.  History is indeed linked very strongly with the present, only we do not realise it.

These days history is also communicated through the internet, TV and even through IPODs and telephones through the use of technology.  History is gaining importance and more and more people are studying history.

I hope to share with you my writings on history covering a wide spectrum from travelogues, books, snippets from the web, book reviews, news analysis, museum feedback and most importantly the civilizational links of the present with the past.

My blog is one humble attempt to highlight history.  Your co-operation and interaction would go a long way in making this blog a success both for my audience to gain from it and for me to see my efforts come to fruition.

Stay tuned and spread the word.

Peace be upon you!


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