My latest book

My latest book to become available at Amazon, is my labor of love.  It began in 2008 and saw many rough seasons, despite winning a commendation certificate from the National Book Foundation in 2009.  It has finally made a debut in the public domain.

This book was initially written for the 13-16 age group.  It underwent major changes afterwards, however, the tone and style of writing have been maintained and hence it would hopefully appeal to all age groups.

It showcases the history of scientific innovations beginning from the ancients, mainly Greeks.  When the Greek world was overtaken by the Romans and thereafter when the Romans plunged into the dark ages from AD 400 to 1400, the torch bearers of knowledge were Muslims.  Muslims continued the tradition of knowledge and made amazing discoveries, invented mind boggling things and made a quantum leap in the sciences by inventing algebra and chemistry.  However, to every rise there is a fall.  The Muslim fell into their dark ages from 1600 and beyond when the west took over where it had left.  The book takes you through this ride in a very easy read.

If you do not know Byzantium, Babylon, or did the Greeks come before Romans or otherwise etc, worry not.  This book will explain in the easiest possible terms the flow of knowledge within civilizations.

Read it, review it, gift it and spread the word.  You owe it to science.

Peace be upon you!


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