Muhammad’s wives

Muhammad the prophet of Al-lah (The God) is a man much maligned and misunderstood.

His wives remain shrouded in mystery and when they are discussed, it is done with a poor understanding of their personalities and the circumstances prevailing during the time of the marriage.

Abraham had a concubine and a wife who bore him a child and a prophet each; Ishmeal and Isaac.  Solomon had 100 wives and possibly concubines too.  Yet Mohammad’s wives remain the subject of ridicule and degradation.

Ayesha the third wife of the Prophet Mohammad is an intellectual giant of Islam, yet she is reduced to a child-bride of an aging Mohammad , which is highly unlikely as you would see in my book.   Ayesha and Hafsa the third and fourth wives set precedents within the Abrahamic traditions of women being entrusted with knowledge of the religion over and above their own illustrious fathers-men who later become Caliphs of the astonishingly expanding Muslim empire.

I have penned down an account of the wives of Mohammad, shedding light on their individual personalities and their relationship with their exalted husband.

The wives of Mohammad embody the spirit of womanhood in Islam.  The incidents of Mohammad’s household form a roadmap for the 1 billion Muslims in family life.  This book is thus a MUST READ for those who wish to understand how Muslim families live.

If youre in US You can buy my book from Amazon here:

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Your feedback to my book would make it all worthwhile.

Peace be upon you!



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2 responses to “Muhammad’s wives

  1. Anthony DiMattei

    Dear Miss Anjum your book Muhammads wives was excellent .It is a must read for all. Its kind of funny not only what I learned about these great women I learn so much about Muhammad pbuh.Thank you so much sister for this book I will read it again.Salaam sister

    • W’salam brother,
      Thankyou for your humbling email. I am heartened to read that you appreciated the book; it vindicates my efforts when people learn from it.

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